Anti-Ragging Committee:

The Department has an Anti- Ragging committee, created with the sole intention of preventing ragging of any kind within the Institution. The committee is accountable for enquiring into all reported allegations with regards to ragging and initiate remedial actions to that effect immediately.

Ragging in any form within the campus premises including the hostels or college transportation is strictly prohibited. Students have strict instructions to refrain from ragging of any sort. Any act amounting to ragging including any indulgence in an act amounting to ragging shall be treated with absolute severity and strict action will be taken against those involved, as per the regulations laid down by the government. Holy Grace is committed to follow all regulations and guidelines formulated by the UGC and AICTE with regard to ragging.


Dr. Roy John – Director                                                    Dr. Salini B. Nair – Associate Professor                        Mr. Manoj Varghese – Warden-Men’s Hostel            Mrs. Kochurani – Warden – Women’s Hostel                Mr. Benny John – Secretary                                              Mr. Sajin Sashi – Circle Inspector, Mala Police Station

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