The ecosystem in which we live provides the natural services that are very much important to humans and other species for health, quality of life, and survival. The key aim of environmental protection is to prevent the degradation of the natural environment which is affected by increasing population, technology and overconsumption, all of which have created a negative impact on the environment and continue to put humans and animals at risk. Environmental protection has always been practiced by humans in one form or another. At Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies, the Nature Club aims to promote awareness about the need of protecting the nature and to foster a sense of responsibility in students towards sustainable development and protecting the bio-diversity of our country.

The Club encourages its members to play an active role in preserving the environment through various initiatives such as tree plantation campaigns, awareness programmes on waste and pollution management, water conservation, production and usage of eco-friendly products, to list a few. The Club also provides students with practical sessions on how they can reduce their carbon footprint through usage of public transport, reducing, re-using and recycling of non-degradable solid waste, pooling of resources etc. Moreover, the Nature Club act as a medium to connect the younger generation with nature and enjoy its splendour. The club organizes various outdoor activities such as nature walks, trekking, bird watching, camping trips, and more, which give students an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature. The ultimate objective of the Nature Club in Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies is to nurture the love for the environment and create a community that promotes ecological awareness, social responsibility and sustainable development.

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