The Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR) Club at HGAMS is constituted with the objective of creating social awareness and inculcating in our citizens, a commitment towards social responsibility. Objectives of ISR Cell:

1) To Inculcate social awareness, values and environmentally responsible behaviour amongst students.
2) To nurture students as citizens with moral, ethical and social values so as to provide service to the society through activities and discharge their obligations towards the society.
Functions of ISR Cell:
1)To create awareness among students and staff towards our responsibility for societal development.

2)To arrange training/awareness programs for unprivileged school children, Orphanage, Old homage, etc.

3)To develop need based educational projects for unprivileged school students, Orphanage, Old homage, etc.

4)To plan and execute projects for physically challenged persons.

5)To arrange seminars/lectures by social workers for our ISR cell faculty and students.

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