Holy Grace Scholarship Test:

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce that Holy Grace, in its commitment to promoting education and fostering academic excellence, is conducting the Holy Grace Scholarship Test on Friday, June 26th, 2024.

About Holy Grace Scholarship Test:
The Holy Grace Scholarship Test is an opportunity for deserving students to showcase their academic abilities and compete for scholarships that will support their educational journey. The test will assess students’ knowledge, critical thinking skills, and aptitude in various subjects.

Key Details:

Date: June 26th

Venue: Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies

Time: 10:00 am onwards

Eligibility: The Test is open to graduates and working professionals willing to pursue a career in management.

Registration: Interested students can register for the test by https://forms.gle/7aREs1Khf6o3cVEe7

Scholarship Categories: Scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence, and leadership potential. Separate scholarships are also provided to students with financial constraints.

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